Thursday, January 9, 2014


What did were the effects of the Polar Vortex where you live?

We had quite an adventure for the couple of days leading up to it and the couple of days after.  Thursday morning I dropped Dan off to work on my way to spin class but I hardly got on the expressway and realized it was NOT a good idea to be driving that day.  Every so many yards there was another disabled vehicle (mostly SUVs) on the side of the road or in the ditch off the road with a police car assisting.  Then I saw a fender bender (someone was rear-ended) on the shoulder and realized no matter how cautious I drive, I have no control on the other dare devils that want to ride too close behind me.  So I decided between 2 or 3 miles, and 6 disabled vehicles, that I should just go straight home and play it safe.  No use in chancing an expensive car repair or possible miscarriage if it is a terrible accident.  (I find I am much more paranoid now that I am pregnant than I ever was before).

Friday was just as bad so I was stuck inside again. :-\  I was so ready to get in the car and see SOMETHING else besides my yard, haha.  We drove to Columbus for an extended family Christmas get-together and even though it was slow driving, it was so nice to see something new.  I guess this is how the pioneers and explorers felt since they didn’t have a way to easily travel miles and miles at a time. 

Returning to Toledo - the expressway driving conditions

Then on our way back, we learned that Toledo was planning to be under a Level 3 Snow Emergency – only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads; anyone else will be stopped and ticketed!  Unfortunately we found out too late to leave for home in time and decided to chance it as we live only blocks over the county line.  As we got closer to home, the snow and wind was definitely treacherous, averaging speeds of 25-35 mph vs. 70mph.  Happily, we made it home uneventfully and settled in for the night.

Driving down our street, during a Level 3.
Work was closed for Monday and Tuesday while we were under a Level 3 for both days.  Monday we decided to defrost the chest freezer and make an inventory of what we have.

Keeping the food frozen during the below-zero temps.

Freezer Inventory

Hubby borrowed the neighbor's snow thrower and plowed the driveway as well as a walkway for the postmen.

While clearing out the food from the freezer, I pulled out two gallons of sliced apples and made up a pot of applesauce to help heat the house against the below zero temperatures.  I also started a pot of yogurt while I was working in the kitchen.  I love slow cooking.  It gives a feeling of accomplishment when it is all done at the end of the day and the fridge is full of delicious, homemade food.  

Once both of those were started on the stove and doing their thing, we also started the crock-pot full of pork chops and some sliced apples (both from the freezer) and apple butter (homemade from a neighbor) for dinner.  It turned out delicious!

It only dropped to a Level 2 Monday night and then went back to a Level 3 early Tuesday morning (I was bummed to be missing spin class AGAIN).  So to get out of the house and stretch out legs, we made a grocery run Monday night during the Level 2.  I had all my coupons organized and clipped and my list made.  I didn’t realize it, but we ended up spending 3 hours between two grocery stores!  We stocked up on toilet paper and some other items that were on a good sale with coupons that week, but nothing that others were clearing shelves of (like bread, milk, and eggs).  It definitely felt like an adventure seeing completely cleared shelves (mostly the fridge cases). 

The cold was definitely a new level of cold for me.  I can't say I've ever experienced ice forming on the INSIDE of our door threshold!

Anyone else have similar experiences during the Arctic blast?

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