Monday, June 30, 2014

A Wedding & Cedar Point

Memorial weekend the three of us traveled to Sandusky to celebrate a lifelong friend's wedding.

My family: sister's b/f, sister, me w/ EJ, hubby, Dad, Mom, brother's g/f, brother

I couldn't believe EJ was one of 10+ babies attending the wedding under 2 years old.  I think she might have even been the youngest by 1 week at 6 weeks old (the baby at the table next to us was 7 weeks old).  It got to the point that people would walk around the reception and ask each other, "How old is yours?" :-)

After sleeping through the reception,
EJ woke up much to the delight of my mom & sister.

EJ, me, Hubby

Sunday we got the whole family (minus my younger brother & his girlfriend) together for a day spent at the famous roller coaster park, Cedar Point.  Even though we only live about 45 minutes from this famous park, the last time I visited I was in 8th grade.  Sacra-religious?  I get motion sick and don't care for roller coasters.  :-\  So my husband was very excited for this weekend and a whole day dedicated to the rides.

We spent the majority of the day at the park.  My mom and I, Ellie, and my sister's boyfriend hung out on the ground, while my dad, sister & hubby rode their chosen rides.  I loved all the walking and even though the sun was hot, the shade was refreshingly cool with a nice breeze; a perfect park day.

After the park, Hubby and I said goodbye to my family and met up with a local college friend to meet his fiancée and their new (2 week old?) baby girl.  It's funny how quickly these babies grow - theirs looked so tiny compared to EJ!  I kept thinking EJ was never that little... was she?

For EJ's first "vacation" weekend with my family, it sure was a lot of fun.  And I'd say this was the weekend she learned to smile :-)

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