Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Find: A New Film to stir an Old Passion

I've dreamed of living in a Tiny House since I first stumbled upon Jay's Tumbleweed Tiny House designs back in 2007.  I was living alone in my first apartment with only an hour a day of direct sunlight on my balcony, but I was having a renaissance in my life.  I was devouring every book, blog, and video about living green, living tiny, and living sustainably.  I wanted to grow my own food, preserve it, and cook from scratch; I wanted to make anything & everything so I could be independent of the grocery store.  I wanted to have a home that I didn't have to pay utilities or a monthly rent /mortgage on.
To "live for free" without the need for an active income stream, began as a young dream and has continued to be a driving force in my adult life, whether on the front or back burner. 
This morning I found this in my inbox and my passion is once again stirred up. 

&one novel: The Good Life

Do you aspire to anything off-grid, self-sustainable, from-scratch or car-free?  I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!  Please feel free to post any and all links that you find fuels your passions =)

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