Monday, January 26, 2015

Interviewing: Cobin

Cobin has been a wonderful supporter of my knitting & a beautiful reminder that Peppa Pig is my favorite show.  He would "save" it to watch with me.

- How old are you & what grade are you in?  What state do you live in now?
5, Preschool, Ohio

- How old were you when I started watching you?
When I was a baby

- What is your favorite memory or activity that we did together?
When you brought me a Car puzzle and we put it together.

- Did you think I was a nice or mean babysitter when I watched you?  Any particular reason?
You were a good one.

- Do you have any advice for me on being a parent?
Be nice; be nice to your baby, take care of your baby.

- What were your first impressions of me?
My first impressions of you were that you were friendly, sweet, and down-to-earth!  And smart and responsible!  Respectful, caring and helpful.  :)

- What made you call me back?
All of the above qualities made me call you back.

- Do you have any advice as I embark on my own journey into parenthood?
Breathe!  Be patient.  Don't take things personally (tantrums/meltdowns, etc).  Respond to your child with love and limits!  You don't need this advice because you were always good at it when you were caring for Cobin.
     - haha, Thanks Rebecca :)  But I have definitely felt your words come to mind a couples nights already ;)

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