Friday, February 27, 2015

A New Giveaway!

Psst... Monday is not only the beginning of March (and hopefully some warmer weather!) but it is also the beginning of a small giveaway!  Be sure to check back Monday morning to find out how to enter + more importantly what you'll win! 

Bonus: There will be multiple winners!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Summer Review

Another long-lost post that was started but never posted.  It is definitely fun to read through last year's canning season to wet the palette for this year's goals.  

My goodness where has summer gone??  Nap times have been spent cleaning & keeping up with housework as well as the occasional canning session.  And since time is so fleeting as it is, blogging has unfortunately move to the back burner :(  But not forgotten!  Many times I have snapped a picture and thought, "This would be a great blog post!" only to barely find time to post it to Instagram (better than nothing, right?)

June 25: strawberry jam
Aug 21: Green beans from the backyard garden
I started canning already-picked green beans from the garden and realized I had enough room for a couple more quarts.  Since EJ was still miraculously sleeping, I went out and picked more, washed & stuffed them in clean jars and even processed the whole canner before she woke up!  It was her first nap over 20 minutes - which turned out to be 3 hours long!

Sept. 8: Salsa & sauce
Aug. 24: Tomato pieces
Sept 14: Tomato Sauce
To my Mama friends, have you discovered Baby Wearing??  I feel like I just discovered an alternate universe with this lifestyle!  Here I thought cloth diapering had a following...

Here and there I have slowly started to carve out knitting time but I think it will pick up more when the colder weather sets in and I'm not busy with canning.  Even the garden has taken a hit of neglect :(

I certainly hope my 2015 garden will be better tended than it was last year.  Maybe EJ will even get her hands dirty...  Are you planning any canning or gardening for Summer 2015?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Purging + Organzing

Even though this blog has been relatively quiet the last week, I've been spinning my wheels around the house purging + organizing like crazy!  Little EJ is well on the move and nothing is safe.  So I've frantically been baby proofing and chasing her nearly every minute of the day.  Naptimes have been devoted to chores + more purging.  Today was a big virtual purge day of old files from college and even high school!  I've found a couple fun documents that I shared on my private blog but perhaps I'll post them over here in the future.

Teaching has been picking up pace.  Monday had 9 people signed up for Arm Knitting!  NINE!  My second largest class was only 4!  It was definitely a new experience, but a fun one for me.  I hope all the rest of my students enjoyed themselves.  Nearly everyone left with a completed double-wrap cowl (only one person gave up, our resident Crocheter who has always refused to learn to knit) and an enthusiasm to return for the Yarn Night in March.  Maybe I can convince our Crocheter to give Arm Knitting another try...

Tonight I finished my own Arm Knitting cowl that I didn't have time to complete Monday night - and I even had enough to make a single-wrap cowl with the left over yarn.  While knitting, I came across this post by Kyla Roma and I loved the idea of interviewing your clients instead of "imagining your ideal customer."  I have never been good at "guessing" who my ideal customer is because I am always (happily!) surprised at who stops at my table, what they pick up, and even their comments/suggestions educates and inspires me.  Maybe I can start handing out a brief questionnaire and ask them to fill it out in exchange for a discount?  Would that peak your interest at your local art fairs?

Help me write an inspiring + constructive questionnaire.  What questions do you wish your favorite craft biz owners knew about you?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Hat Sale

It's that time of year when you're ready to clean out the old & dream of fresh designs!  To celebrate the "snowpocalypse" of the Midwest & Northeast, I'm hosting a sale for the entire month of February.

All hats & ear warmers - including the bows & flower appliques you can add to any one of these - are including in the sale.  Use coupon code "SNOWPOCALYPSE" to get 25% off your order.

These also make great unique AND useful Valentine's gift!  I have a small collection of masculine hats to choose from or send me an email and I'll be happy to whip something up special!

Stay warm!

Monday, February 9, 2015

We interrupt our scheduled programming...

I apologize for the lack of an interview post this Monday.  I hope to have a new one for you next week.

Until then, here's a look at who we've heard from so far:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Lots of Inspiration!

Most Januarys are filled with resolutions and to-do lists to stay on track.  Mine has been filled with education, pretty pictures, & support groups.  :-P

Lately I've been bingeing on new podcasts (Elise Gets Crafty), new facebook groups, youtube videos,  & the ever-enticing how-to blog posts.

Some new things I've learned:
 - play music while you work!  (NOT the TV)
 - Podcasts or YouTube videos (the how-to kind) while washing dishes and loading/folding laundry have made me WANT to do more chores!
 - It's ok to redirect my blog (Thanks Laura - new blog friend from Daring Creative Workshop)
 - Affiliate programs can be mutually rewarding

New Discoveries:
 - Daring Creative Workshop - a facebook support group for bloggers & creatives
 - Bowl of Lemons Home Organization - another facebook support group, for purging clutter & organizing your home in style.  I love all the amazing support & plethora of suggestions from members (just ask a question/post a pic & wait for the comments to roll in!) as well as the pretty pictures from real homes that people post.

I'd love to hear what you are discovering this new year!  It will help me fill my days indoors with all these snowstorms.  I hope you are enjoying your winter weather!

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Any sponsorships that you see in my sidebar are handpicked by me because I believe in their products + services and think they could benefit you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rocky Coast Cardigan

For the past month I have finally committed and allowed myself to knit on a personal project that is all for me (thus why you haven't seen any new projects for the shop here or on Instagram).  I've had the Rocky Coast Cardigan pattern for over a year (last Christmas) and with the gift of some beautiful alpaca yarn, the time felt right to cast on.

As of today, I have frogged it twice: once for too many rows (having miss interpreted the pattern) & second to go up one size.  Yesterday I tried on my cardigan only to discover it fit just a little too snug for my preference :-\

Slipping the sleeves onto my "holders" - aka paper clips

Hopefully third time's the charm...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Interviewing: Hope

Hope was such an education for me.  She showed me how pleasant & respectful a well-educated young adult could be.  She and her family have placed in me a goal to bring up my own children with her kind of mutual respect & fun-loving attitude.  
Fun fact: Hope took the pictures that I now use for KnittedHome's online presence, including my profile & banner picture with my then-cell phone.

- How old are you & what grade are you in?  What state do you live in now?
I am 17 and in 11th grade. I live in Oregon.

- How old were you when I started watching you?
I was 10.

- What is your favorite memory or activity that we did together?
I really enjoyed when we picked cherries and then made jam.

- Did you think I was a nice or mean babysitter when I watched you?  Any particular reason?  Do you still think I'm nice/mean?
I thought you were firm but fair.  You didn't treat me as a little kid and I appreciated that.

- Do you have any advice for me on being a parent?
Whenever you think you are being patient enough, be more patient.

- What were your first impressions of me?
Smart, pleasant, reliable.

- What made you call me back?
General good impression with a very positive attitude.

- Do you have any advice as I embark on my own journey into parenthood?
Trust your judgment and don't over-think your parenting decisions.

The cellphone cozi Hope designed & I crocheted for her.

You can check out more in this series here.