Monday, February 2, 2015

Interviewing: Hope

Hope was such an education for me.  She showed me how pleasant & respectful a well-educated young adult could be.  She and her family have placed in me a goal to bring up my own children with her kind of mutual respect & fun-loving attitude.  
Fun fact: Hope took the pictures that I now use for KnittedHome's online presence, including my profile & banner picture with my then-cell phone.

- How old are you & what grade are you in?  What state do you live in now?
I am 17 and in 11th grade. I live in Oregon.

- How old were you when I started watching you?
I was 10.

- What is your favorite memory or activity that we did together?
I really enjoyed when we picked cherries and then made jam.

- Did you think I was a nice or mean babysitter when I watched you?  Any particular reason?  Do you still think I'm nice/mean?
I thought you were firm but fair.  You didn't treat me as a little kid and I appreciated that.

- Do you have any advice for me on being a parent?
Whenever you think you are being patient enough, be more patient.

- What were your first impressions of me?
Smart, pleasant, reliable.

- What made you call me back?
General good impression with a very positive attitude.

- Do you have any advice as I embark on my own journey into parenthood?
Trust your judgment and don't over-think your parenting decisions.

The cellphone cozi Hope designed & I crocheted for her.

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