Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Purging + Organzing

Even though this blog has been relatively quiet the last week, I've been spinning my wheels around the house purging + organizing like crazy!  Little EJ is well on the move and nothing is safe.  So I've frantically been baby proofing and chasing her nearly every minute of the day.  Naptimes have been devoted to chores + more purging.  Today was a big virtual purge day of old files from college and even high school!  I've found a couple fun documents that I shared on my private blog but perhaps I'll post them over here in the future.

Teaching has been picking up pace.  Monday had 9 people signed up for Arm Knitting!  NINE!  My second largest class was only 4!  It was definitely a new experience, but a fun one for me.  I hope all the rest of my students enjoyed themselves.  Nearly everyone left with a completed double-wrap cowl (only one person gave up, our resident Crocheter who has always refused to learn to knit) and an enthusiasm to return for the Yarn Night in March.  Maybe I can convince our Crocheter to give Arm Knitting another try...

Tonight I finished my own Arm Knitting cowl that I didn't have time to complete Monday night - and I even had enough to make a single-wrap cowl with the left over yarn.  While knitting, I came across this post by Kyla Roma and I loved the idea of interviewing your clients instead of "imagining your ideal customer."  I have never been good at "guessing" who my ideal customer is because I am always (happily!) surprised at who stops at my table, what they pick up, and even their comments/suggestions educates and inspires me.  Maybe I can start handing out a brief questionnaire and ask them to fill it out in exchange for a discount?  Would that peak your interest at your local art fairs?

Help me write an inspiring + constructive questionnaire.  What questions do you wish your favorite craft biz owners knew about you?


  1. How fun! I'd love to learn how to arm knit (and I am a stubborn crocheter who would love to learn how to knit, but just can't seem to figure it out).

  2. Mandy - I'd love to teach you both! I'm currently developing a webinar to teach the crafts over Google Hangouts or Skype. Perhaps you'd like to give it a try?
    PS - I'm a native crocheter who learned to knit when I got "bored" with crocheting. I feel like it is such a natural thing to switch between the two techniques now. I hope to see you again soon!