Thursday, February 26, 2015

Summer Review

Another long-lost post that was started but never posted.  It is definitely fun to read through last year's canning season to wet the palette for this year's goals.  

My goodness where has summer gone??  Nap times have been spent cleaning & keeping up with housework as well as the occasional canning session.  And since time is so fleeting as it is, blogging has unfortunately move to the back burner :(  But not forgotten!  Many times I have snapped a picture and thought, "This would be a great blog post!" only to barely find time to post it to Instagram (better than nothing, right?)

June 25: strawberry jam
Aug 21: Green beans from the backyard garden
I started canning already-picked green beans from the garden and realized I had enough room for a couple more quarts.  Since EJ was still miraculously sleeping, I went out and picked more, washed & stuffed them in clean jars and even processed the whole canner before she woke up!  It was her first nap over 20 minutes - which turned out to be 3 hours long!

Sept. 8: Salsa & sauce
Aug. 24: Tomato pieces
Sept 14: Tomato Sauce
To my Mama friends, have you discovered Baby Wearing??  I feel like I just discovered an alternate universe with this lifestyle!  Here I thought cloth diapering had a following...

Here and there I have slowly started to carve out knitting time but I think it will pick up more when the colder weather sets in and I'm not busy with canning.  Even the garden has taken a hit of neglect :(

I certainly hope my 2015 garden will be better tended than it was last year.  Maybe EJ will even get her hands dirty...  Are you planning any canning or gardening for Summer 2015?


  1. Ooh, these look great! I have a big garden and always set out to do canning, but rarely get around to it. I need to look up some ideas on how to preserve green beans and make salsa that lasts like yours. Thanks for the inspiration - and don't beat yourself up! No one gets around to as much as they'd like :)

  2. Thanks Kyla! I'd love to see what you garden looks like + all the fun things you cultivate! I'd be happy to share my canning recipes w/ you - they are super easy and salsa was a first for us this year. And after the AMAZINGLY delicious results it will be a HUGE staple in our house (as in doubling the amount we did last year if not tripling it! lol).
    + Thanks for the reminder - I keep trying to tell myself that... :)