Friday, March 13, 2015

A Space of One's Own

Remember that home addition we started back in June?  Well after the mad dash to get it enclosed for the winter, progress has all but stalled.  We gave ourselves permission to take a break for December and now it's been a push to get the motivation going again.

I think with it being the new year & EJ's first birthday coming up in a month(!??) , we have plenty of reasons to light the fire and get going.  I've been feeling especially motivated with Home Organization 101 filling my newsfeed with real-life inspirational images of newly de-cluttered & decorated homes right out of Pinterest.  I'm ready for my own little sanctuary!

Looking through the old bathroom door

New backdoor, bathroom on the right.

I could (and have - whoops!) spend an entire day on Pinterest devouring beautiful work spaces.  But thanks to the Home Organization group, I'm starting to realize the beauty of paring down to the necessities.  A mommy friend also suggested keeping a simple color palette for the whole HOUSE to keep it feeling cohesive.  With these two empowering motivators, I've started envisioning what this space will actually look like if I stick to what entices me the most on Pinterest: white on white.

So far I've found baskets & memory boxes from Michael's that I've already started filling & labeling for their new home.  This only gets me more excited for the day when I can finally put them on the shelf! :)

 Next: I want to paint our dull black metal filing cabinet (tiffany blue or peach pink?) white and bring it up from the basement to make filing a lot easier.  I'm thinking one drawer for personal/family stuff & the other for Etsy.

Keeping with the paring-down theme, I'm giveaway a collection of knitting needles on March 16.  Find out how you can enter here.

What are you dreaming about?  

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