Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are You a Blogger Who Makes or a Maker Who Blogs?

Because, let's face it.  These are two different approaches to blogging.

Are you a Blogger or a Maker first?  |

When I first discovered this idea, I was rocking my daughter to sleep + the question came at me like a riddle.  Which one are you? it wanted to know.  It took a couple of rockings for me to decide.  

A Blogger Who Makes

You blog to tell a story + if your craft or wares come into the picture, it is because they are part of your story.  You blog to put your voice out there + to hear others validate your thoughts through comments + shares.  You may blog to build a community through more interactive approaches like knitalongs + link parties.

You probably have quite a few categories of topics that you love to cover and this helps you build a large following around many topics.  My personal favorites are sustainable family living, crafting, and minimalism.

Some of my favorite Bloggers are Buckaloo View + Field*Wonderful + Thrifty Frugal Mama
 + Little House Living + High Heels & Two Wheels + Reading My Tea Leaves

A Maker Who Blogs

You blog to share your process or your wares with your fans + build a following around your product or services.  You want your readers to have behind-the-scenes access to your creative process + all that it entails.  You are most likely using your community's feedback to better understand what your audience is seeking in your business.

Your categories are more in line with your business niche + less about your personal life (though I know plenty of business blogs that deviate from this).

I don't find myself following as many of these blogs as the former, but when I do, I binge read them because they are full of self-help articles + pretty stylized images.  My favorites include:
Pickles + DarlingbeBrave + A Bowl Full of Lemons + Elle&Co + byRegina + KylaRoma

Certainly there isn't only one way to blog.  And readers need a mixture to keep things interesting.  I just thought this would be fun to see who identifies with which personality. 

Ultimately I'm a Blogger first who happens to make + sell things.  Looking at how long I've been writing, what motivates me to write, and why I write, all point to my reason for blogging: community engagement.  That's not to say I don't want to monetize or mention my Etsy shop, but it does highlight the fact that those are or have become secondary to my motivation for reader engagement.

So I pose the same question to you:  Are you a Blogger who makes or a Maker who blogs?


  1. Cool post! I'm a writer/blogger first, with dreams to expand into business. I'm fascinated by creativity and wellbeing, but my ultimate goal is empowering others to pursue their creative goals.

  2. Hi Julie, thank you! I'm curious what business(es) you're entertaining to start. I'd love to hear more about your goals. If you write a post about it, I hope you'll come back + share the link in this comment section. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hi, Annie! I found your blog through Buckaloo View :) I would say I'm a blogger who makes. I like to talk haha, but I really I started my blog as a way to connect with knitters all over - the online community is incredible, as you said. Still, I've been thinking as I get ready to transition from full-time employed to part-time and eventually grad school, an additional income stream would be helpful, so I'm working on my design skills.

  4. Hi Sydney! Welcome + thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I love hearing how people find each other online :) Isn't it an interesting thought stream - how one approaches blogging? I'm so happy to meet another knitter! I started blogging to connect with other like-minded friends - never really honing in on knitting so it's been fun to "run into" and connect with more knitters. I feel like we have so much more in common than just a craft :)
    Best of luck to you on your design skills + starting grad school! I look forward to reading how it goes on your blog!