Sunday, April 26, 2015

Best Open House Yet!

Saturday, Michael's hosted their quarterly open house to garner up some excitement + new student sign ups for spring and summer projects.  I'm excited to say it was my best Open House yet! 

I had 4-6 new students sign up for beginner classes (Crochet was the forerunner 4 to 1!) and I scheduled two future classes - one in August(!) for crochet boot cuffs + one in July(!) for my newest crochet cowl.  That one #newproductdesign that I've been blowing up your Instagram feed with? 

Shell Crochet Cowl on Instagram |
Yeah, that's the one I'll be teaching in July.  Four ladies are already signed up for it and I think two sisters might ALSO be joining us for it.  *clicks heels*. 

I think my favorite part of the day was feeling a kindred spirit connection with one young lady who will "be starting middle school next year."  And she (and her mom) couldn't stop saying how excited she is for all these (6!!) classes.  :-D

 It's going to be a super fun summer!  How did your weekend turn out?


  1. I love that so many young women are getting into knitting and crocheting. It's not something I have a talent or aptitude for, but there was a lot of concern at one point that these skills were going to die out.

    I had a great weekend! It was my six-year anniversary, so I went out for sushi and to an awesome charity book sale. Sushi + books--two of my favourite things. (Not to mention my boyfriend, who is amazing.)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Annie! You're welcome back anytime.

  2. Hi Story teller - Yes! I remember hearing whispers that these domestic arts would soon disappear in a generation or two. I'm so happy to be apart of bringing them back + teaching new generations! The funny part is I'm mostly teaching middle-aged and retired women because their grandmothers or mothers are no longer around + they feel the responsibility to continue the tradition. Love it! :)

    Happy Anniversary! Sushi + books sound like a perfect anniversary :) Thanks for stopping by - hope to hear from you again soon!

  3. I'm glad the open house went so well! The weekend was definitely a trial. Preparing for a band concert on the 3rd, getting ready for a trip for wedding planning, and car issues!

  4. Oh no! So sorry to hear that, Meghan :( I hope wedding planning was the sparkle of your weekend at least :) Maybe we'll see you at our next Yarn Night? May 16th!

  5. Maybe! I think I have a going away party to go to that day, so I'm not sure. Which Michaels do you teach at? The one at Talmadge or Airport? I didn't see a Yarn Night listed in the online schedule for that day for either location.

  6. Hi Meghan, The Talmadge one. It seems they are getting only half the schedule on the calendar lately :-\ The Yarn night is always the 3rd Saturday of the month. Hope that helps!

  7. I will put it in my calendar to see if a future date works out. Gotta love recurring events in Google Calendar ;)