Monday, April 13, 2015

EJ's Birthday Party

Even though it may have been organized in only a couple weeks and a scramble up to the last minute (since I wasn't sure if we would be hosting at our house or my dad's), it turned out to be such a fun day!  Lots of friends + family came out to celebrate our little one's huge milestone.  

I am always humbled + honored that so many of our friends + family take the time to join us in our celebrations.  From her birth to her baptism to her birthday and all the home addition work in between, we are truly blessed by all the amazing people in our lives.

EJ definitely enjoyed her special day once she had a chance to take in all the faces that came to see her.  She was the cutest little guest of honor, greeting + smiling for everyone and never even cried once!  She was quite happy being passed from mom to dad to auntie to grandma to friend and took it all in stride.  She even dug right into her personal colossal cupcake much to everyone's cheering.  Though it took giving her a taste from a fork for her to realize she was supposed to eat it.  :-P 

I'm happy to say my mother caught it all on video with her iPad so she could share it with my dad (who was sadly called into the ER for a surgery for the majority of the party).  I couldn't believe EJ ate nearly the entire thing! (I wasn't sure if I should have stopped her sooner?)  I'm happy to report she never got a stomach ache that we could discern and never threw up so that was a success.

She was showered in gifts with a whole new summer wardrobe + beach toys + sunglasses + sun hats.  And like a perfect gift receiver, loved every one of her toys as she unwrapped them - more interested in her current one than the new one placed in front of her, haha. 

I think the biggest success, after all the birthday girl festivities, was the double-sized play yard that my father set up in the living room.  We brought over some of EJ's toys for her peers to play with and they seemed to really enjoy themselves which helped our friends + fellow parents enjoy a little adult conversation.

Even though I was a little nervous about planning such a thrown together Big Milestone party, I think it was success.  I've even got half her thank-you card written (usually a procrastinated chore for me)!  :)

How did you celebrate your weekend?


  1. Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming story! As a non-mom it's fun to hear about it =) Congrats, beautiful 1 year old baby girl!

  2. Aww, thanks Meghan! I remember being on the non-mom side of things and it really is life changing once you have your own little(s). :) So crazy to watch her grow up before your eyes - truly! It's like some mornings or nap-wake-ups I do a double take and think, "did you just grow up a little while you slept!?" haha.

  3. That's so cool. I'm glad to know you because you share fun things that makes being a parent not seem so bad ;)

  4. haha, aww thanks! I think more of our peers need to hear that parenting isn't that bad. :) It is so magical!