Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Favorite TV Shows

What are your favorite shows to watch + how do you watch them?   
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Peaky Blinders
Hell on Wheels
Extreme Couponing - for when I'm clipping + organizing my coupons Sunday afternoon.


Parks + Recreation

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Game of Thrones

Amazon Prime:

Cranford (Season 1)
Downton Abbey
The White Queen

Since we don't have cable + I don't live by a TV schedule, we watch our shows through the Playstation 3 on one of the portals.  Occasionally we'll break out one of our DVDs (or Blueray), but we keep that physical collection to a minimum.  Usually it is a movie or series that is not offered on one of these platforms.  Since it is rare for us to find shows that we both enjoy, when we do find one (Sherlock + Hell on Wheels), we watch them together in the evenings after dinner + EJ's in bed.  It makes a great evening ritual that I thoroughly enjoy.

As for the dramas, I find they are one of the best ways to relax as well as get some productive knitting accomplished.

Do you have a favorite show that helps you create?

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