Monday, April 6, 2015

Since Becoming a Mama...

"I see you!"

I can't believe it will be nearly a year (this week!) since I became a mama to the most beautiful, bubbly + SMART baby girl.  Looking back on the 12 months that we've managed to survive, I've never felt such growth in my adulthood. 

* I've started searching out more "organically practicing" food sources (because it's expensive and too many hoops to jump through for the small farmer) for meat and dairy essentials as well as other grocery items when I stumble upon them.  We've been very fortunate to have such a great network of Farmers' Markets (Toledo + Perrysburg) as well as a strong local food movement gaining ground in our local grocery stores.  I've also learned to reach out to friends of different ages (like my mom + her friend) and different lifestyles (my single, no-kids friends) to help me continue canning every summer now that I also have EJ to watch.  Hopefully this year she can help? watch more of the action.

* Celebrating the small successes more often & remembering to prioritize the comforts of home (real dinner at a real dinner time; bedtime rituals; alone time with hubby; me-time!; blogging, crafting & daydreaming brainstorming) have been the biggest challenges but also the best rewards.

Look at that clean endtable!  "Look Mom!  I can almost reach your coffee!"

* Baby proofing has been the best motivator for a clean(er) house.  As in, HIDE EVERYTHING!  :-P  The toys around the room don't bother me because they are easy to gather back into their basket.

Isn't it so pretty?  I love Target.

It is my reading clutter (magazines + newspapers) that I sheepishly cannot seem to corral as beautifully.  I can't wait until we have the rest of the house baby proofed (gulp - yes, so far it is only the living room sectioned off with baby gates).

EJ loves to help fold laundry.  She is really good at pulling everything out of the basket.

* I've learned the TRUE meaning of the word MULTI-tasking.  I can now backup videos (aka "home movies") from my phone to my computer while playing chase with EJ while folding laundry (did I mention running the washing machine + the dishes drying?).  Of course, those are the good, long-napping days.  Other days I'm lucky we are all fed, dressed & smiling.  ;-)  I'm sure other moms can attest to these less-than-stellar days.  The beauty is that there are plenty of both days so the good days pick up the slack for the less-than days which keeps it all in perspective.

What have you learned with your newest transformation?


  1. So fun to see how much she's grown, and how she's been a positive motivator in your lives =) My most recent transition was leaving the workforce. I've been trying to declutter, clean, and organize. I've learned that it's not useful to beat yourself up about things you spent money on but no longer use (or never used) because it doesn't accomplish anything. It's a lesson to be thoughtful with future purchases. Think about how it will improve your daily quality of life, and how much effort it will be to get rid of the item when you no longer need it anymore. We are stewards of items. Take care of them while you have them, then pass them along (I prefer to donate) to the next owner of the item.

  2. Haha, she's definitely a positive! The cleaning/organizing fever is such an insatiable itch once it gets going - like a rash! Yes, purging + decluttering are my favorite procrastinating activities (yes, procrastinating, hehe). Donating is definitely a positive in the, "I don't use/need it but it's still in good condition" struggle. Thank you so much for your insight! I look forward to hearing how the decluttering, cleaning + organizing continues to improve your life :)

  3. She's a doll!!!
    I haven't had any BIG transformations but I'm always working on getting balance with, work, crafting, adventuring etc!

  4. Good luck finding your balance! I feel like the worst Libra because I am such an all-or-nothing all the time. :-P