Friday, May 15, 2015

Fewer Posts + Longer Articles?

I heard it on a podcast + then read it again in another blog post how Google SEO favors longer content + regularity.

Bloggers are posting less frequently.  And it is most likely due to the amount of time it takes to compose such incredibly long + worthwhile content.  This is because Google has changed their search algorithm to favor long-form content.  But in order to keep up a blog's posting frequency, bloggers are dropping their updates to once a week.

I can't say this is my preferred format.  

I have been reading blogs for many years + before I became so busy with adult + family life, I loved checking my favorite blogs for a new post.  Even if it was just a quick picture + a short caption to check in and say hello.  You know, before there was Instagram + Facebook.

So even though I struggle with posting regularly three times a week (and a lot of Monday posts get deferred to Tuesdays), I have no intention of dropping down to one massively huge article a week.  Especially for SEO purposes.  Sure, it is nice to increase your reach to new audiences, but if you start to "optimize" too much, then you lose your purpose + your original focus.  And mine has always been to connect with like-minded friends.  Specifically, this blog's purpose is to connect with like-minded friends who are also interested in the workings of Knittedhome.

I do enjoy exploring + sharing what goes into making this blog tick for all my blogging friends who have asked for this content, but otherwise I don't feel I am a Master Blogger by any means.  Perhaps this is why I enjoy short posts that allow the reader a peak into someone else's life.

What are your thoughts on bloggers becoming more like authors of long articles?  Do you feel long-form blogs are becoming your favorite reads?  If you're a blogger, which do you prefer to write?  

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