Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Maybe this Morning is my Mother's Day.

I *embarrassedly* kept wishing that I would just get a couple hours of me-time on Sunday and resented that no one would give it to me.

This morning is like a sweet morning from a dream.  Hubby crept out of the house to work (thank you for taking out the trash + recycling, Honey), I slept in another 30 minutes to awaken peacefully and realized that little EJ is still sleeping peacefully in her crib. (!?!?)  Since this is a first in 13 months, and I miraculously have the energy to take advantage of it (and not sleep in with her), I crept downstairs to treat myself to a hot *quiet* cup of coffee before the day begins.

Thank you EJ for your first Mother's Day gift:  The gift of a quiet morning before starting our day :)

What did you get from your little one(s)?  Or what did you get for your Mother?

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