Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Weekend = Gardening Weekend

This weekend the Downtown Farmer's Market hosts a 3-day long sale at the Market.  It is primarily focused on selling flowers, thus promoting it as Flower Weekend at the Market.  But I have also found that Memorial Weekend has become our "Plant the front yard" weekend.


was the Naturally Crafty Trunk Show so no gardening happened.


I shopped the Farmer's Market this year instead of the greenhouse down the street from us.  I feel like the pocketbook definitely thanked us (though we did skip the mulch this year) and the window boxes turned out better than last year, in my opinion.

I dragged my mother-in-law to the Market with me while Hubby + Father-in-Law worked on the addition while EJ napped.  It was absolutely wonderful to get down to the Market after so many months away!

I even had the chance to plant the flat of snapdragons along the walk before EJ woke up from her (2h!) nap.  Hubby + Father-in-Law went on a materials run as soon as we got back from the Market, and my Mother-in-Law went back out for compost for the garden while I planted.

She ironically arrived with the compost just as EJ was waking up.  So she got EJ ready to come outside while I finished the walk + they played while I planted the window boxes.

It has been such a dream of a weekend to have so many people working so smoothly on all our different projects!


After the parade, I got the compost moved + and planted the tomato + bell pepper seedlings from my dad!

I had hoped to also seed the beets, kohlrabi + green beans but I ran out of time.  Hopefully I'll be posting about their planting next Monday :)

Hubby + my father-in-law got most of the porch roof shingled!  Hubby is planning to finish the remaining few rows + flashing tonight.

What an exhaustive but highly productive weekend!  I'm happy to say that I spent the last 2 hours of the evening crocheting on my Fan Shell lap blanket (class coming soon!) while watching the latest Game of Thrones episode with Hubby.

What do your Memorial Weekend Traditions consist of?  Do you plant flowers or have a tradition to beautify your front yard every spring?  Did you do everything you had planned for your holiday weekend?

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