Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Update

I wrote this post Monday during morning nap, but I didn't have pictures of the raised beds so it had to wait until Tuesday.  Sorry to keep you waiting!

This weekend I finished clearing 2 of our 3 raised beds.

Hubby picked up cement to pour the porch supports later this week tonight.

He also surprised me by painting the patio table.  It came out the PERFECT shade of teal/turquoise/blue!!  I can't wait to see those chairs done! ....

EJ had her first taste of ice cream.  And LOVED it!

What highlighted your weekend?


  1. That's fantastic! The beds look great =D And you're right, the table looks awesome. I'm glad EJ got to enjoy some ice cream! And I enjoy the ice cream in hubby's beard lol

    My weekend was nice! Enjoyed some hockey on the radio, and getting ready for a trip down home for wedding planning this week!

  2. hehe, yeah I couldn't crop that out because it was too adorable ;)

    Yay Wedding planning!! I hope it's productive and lots of fun!