Friday, May 8, 2015

Why You Should Take Your Small Business Seriously

When I came up with" knitted home" it was the first name that truly felt as close to RIGHT as I could get at the time.  I already had a good stack of inventory ready to be listed on Etsy but without a name, I couldn't get started (though looking back, I could have taken all my measurements + written all my descriptions in a word document to copy + paste later).  I know I hurried that brainstorming session a bit more than was probably best, but I'm happy to say the name has stood the test of time and I still love it.

Lesson: don't be afraid to brainstorm.  Write everything down to be organized later when you feel motivated + inspired. Creativity isn't linear.

I still love this name so much, in fact, that now when I'm feeling ready to buy my domain name and it is already taken (!?!?!) I feel quite offended.  Even though I know I shouldn't because I should have bought it back in 2010 when I first learned how to buy domain names with GoDaddy.  But fear held me back + now I regret it.

Lesson: don't be afraid to buy your domain (you can always let it expire).  

If there's one thing I've learned working with successful-out-of-the-gate handmade businesses, it's that they built all their necessary business pieces (name, logo, style, personality, focus) from the get-go and didn't wait until they felt "big" or like they had "made it" to start developing these key elements of their business.  

This is something I definitely did NOT do because I didn't feel like anyone would take me seriously (big mistake!  If you don't take yourself seriously, why should anyone else??)

Lesson: Treat your biz like a business.  Create all your biz elements right away + polish them later.

I guess the take away is don't be afraid to jump in head first and get started.  I'm not saying quit your job + take out a loan against your house (unless you've already run the numbers and know it'll pay off), but if there are small investments you can make to show that you + your biz are serious, it's worth paying for in the beginning.  Don't wait to gain a following only to find out your domain name/unique niche market is taken.

Don't be afraid to jump in HEAD FIRST |

What sparked your biz name?  What hard lessons did you learn in the beginning?

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