Friday, June 26, 2015

A Dash of EJ

Well I wasn't intending on taking off this week from blogging - I even had three posts all queued up waiting to go!  Then I checked them and realized I never got their images uploaded so the drafts were never scheduled to publish.  Whoops.  :(

So while we're pretending I didn't miss a beat ;)  I'll get them all queued up to publish on schedule next week.  To make up for it, here is are a few cuteness overload pictures of EJ at the beach this past weekend (and why I forgot to finish *next week's* images).

After the beach we went to dinner at Art's Tavern and Cherry Republic for dessert.  Ellie loved smelling all the flowers + carrying her "own" bag.

Have you ever visited Glen Arbor, Michigan?  What is your favorite thing to experience there?


  1. Aw, looks like you guys had a great time! I've never been very far into Michigan. I've stayed pretty close to Detroit/Ann Arbor. Looks pretty up there! =)

  2. It was a pretty quick trip, unfortunately (long drive) but we hope to go back once more this summer :) I highly recommend Northern Michigan because it is still so undeveloped = beautiful + natural. Downtown Ann Arbor is still pretty fun, too, but more in the urban/hip sense. :)
    Let me know if you ever plan a trip "Up North." I'd love to help you pick out some fun places to visit!

  3. Cool, I'll keep that in mind! Northern Michigan is on my list of "things to do" before we move away from Toledo.