Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Rain Storm + Random Thoughts

Cue sounds + smells of an an evening thunderstorm with *tons* of soaking rain + that cooling breeze!  I have to fight the urge to open all the windows to air out + cool the house since it would soak everything nearby… But just a crack to let in the breeze should keep most of the rain out, right? ;)

Today is a random post of thoughts.  Starting with I cannibalized my blogging time to design my sister's bridal invitations in a 1920s theme.  If there is one predictable thing about me, it's that I'm always pushing the deadline (note: my blog post schedule).  So of course my mother + I want MUST get these invitations in the mail by the end of the week, if not sooner and do you think we'd have a design by now?  ;)  

I'm happy to say we are well on our way to printing - hopefully tomorrow!  As soon as I get everyone's approval I shall be hitting the Print button + begin the happy ballet of stuffing + addressing envelopes.  :)

Other thoughts on my mind: blogging sadly hasn't been one of them :(  I had such an influx of inspiration last month that I wrote down all the titles + their summaries but trying to sit down + focus on fleshing them out has been difficult for me.  Hopefully next week I'll feel renewed inspiration to blog.

One possibility could be the current push to get more house addition progress completed.  HVAC is scheduled to be installed this weekend + it looks like we might be doing siding by July Fourth, if not sooner.  Which means I get to plant my blueberries along the addition!  Can I just say how much I've been itching to beautify the exterior grounds?

The temporary wall came down between the existing house (kitchen) + the addition and it has gotten me anxious to see the kitchen renovation start.  So much space!  But first things first; I keep reminding myself the addition needs completed before the kitchen can start… and then I get a dishwasher… oh to have those 30 minutes a day to devote to blogging more cleaning.  ;)

With all this rain, the seeds are sprouting like weeds!  I can't wait to show you their progress in Monday's post!

What's been filling your thoughts lately?

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