Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Naturally Crafty Trunk Show Review

I'm not proud to say I started this morning's show with forgetting my lockbox key(!!) of all things - but my amazing hubby jumped in + saved the day before it even began!  He packed up himself + EJ in the truck (both in their pjs + pancake breakfast for her in the carseat) + they drove the 30 minutes south to drop it off to me.

After that it was a fairly smooth + wonderful day for a Trunk Show!

Our first customers walked in about a half hour after our official start time + the last ones walked out about 15 minutes after our "end" time.  Overall we had about 4 good waves (10am, 11-11:30, 1pm, 1:30pm -ish) of people coming through with only 3 times that there was no one customer browsing.

Again my best sellers were headbands

I was impressed I only had two credit card sales, both at 11:40 for a man's thick beanie + 11:50am for a pair of headbands (one double-banded + one shell).  Otherwise all my other sales were cash (#hats, # headbands), and almost always exact change!  (This always impresses me since I like to have change ready on hand)  I like to think that means my pricing is spot on/easy for the customer? 

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Lunch was delicious!  Amanda (English Acres) definitely out did herself + I can't wait to buy clean meat chickens from her this fall.  Hubby even agreed that we could get our pork from her next year! :)

After such a successful Saturday with these amazing ladies, and some awesome networking, I am anxious + excited for the holiday show.  We were all eagerly planning it before 2 o'clock had even rolled around!  haha.  :)  I would say I definitely made some new friends that I look forward to collaborating + brainstorming with + hope to keep in touch.  

What are niche markets you'd like to see showcased in your area?  Or do you already have access to these markets?  I'd love to hear all about them in the comments section!

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