Monday, June 15, 2015

The Veggies are Growing like Weeds!

With all the rain we've had last week - every day of the week we've had a soaking rain except Saturday! - I've loved watching all my green beans, beets + kohlrabi make leaps and bounds in their growth.  I can't believe how quickly they've gone from sprouting last week to being inches tall (the green beans) + beautiful sprouts (beets + kohlrabi).  There are definitely bare spots where seeds didn't germinate and you can see the "rows" I planted the seeds in all too nicely, haha.  

Because I was pretty liberal with sprinkling seeds everywhere (to increase my germination rate of 2+ year old seeds), I have tried to gently transplant some seedlings to bare spots.  As usual, many weren't too happy about the move but, again because of the rain, I'm excited that a handful seemed to transition without any sign of disturbance! 

Even the tomatoes have grown INCHES this past week.  When I planted them, they reached the first rung of their cages, but now can easily touch the third rung!

The only plant that I haven't noticed significant growth is the bell peppers.  But at least they are looking very healthy + happy.  That is all I wish for in my garden: healthy plants + heavy yields.  :)

How is your garden growing?  Have you had anything to harvest yet?

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