Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tips for Blogging with a Newborn

I originally posted this as a comment reply on byRegina's page + realized it is a collection of tips I wish I had read before my daughter was born.  And sometimes still wish I would re-read + remind myself being a SAHM + WAHM IS possible.  So today I thought I'd share it with you in case it makes a different in your life.

My Comment:
My few tips with a newborn include: BABYWEARING - learn how to tie a Moby wrap (newborn kangaroo hold I believe, where the baby lays on its stomach on your chest) to free your arms while holding baby + they sleep SO MUCH BETTER/ LONGER against you v. down.  Plus this worry-wort mama was terrified of flat-head.  Toot my own horn: Doctors always said my daughter has a *perfectly* round head :-]
Tip #2 - work in any pockets of time you can find.  Making a master to-do list with your "manager" hat on ONCE so that your "employee" persona can just look at the list + get sh*t done w/o having to think deeper every time saves HUGE amounts of 5-minute snippets.  I do this for housework too (dishes, laundry, repeat)
Tip #3 - accept any offer of help!  And when people ask, "what do you need?" Dinner, meals, a shower/have them hold the baby, and a gift certificate for a cleaning lady ;-)
Tip #4 - Write + work as MUCH as you possibly can + schedule it out so it can post/publish/update in the background while you take your maternity leave (not only your blog posts, but also emails, buffer or hootsuite your social media, and ifttt).  You will be in such a haze postpartum.  Don't forget to take lots of pictures + notes(!) so you can remember it all :)
Happy Hump day!

What are your tips for a blogger/freelancer expecting a newborn?  What did you do to prepare or are doing to prepare for your future life transition?

Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Moving Day!

It feels so rushed to all of a sudden be blogging over at when I had hardly announced here that I was going to be moving in the first place.  But the moment felt right with my Squarespace trial expiring + the interview publishing last Saturday.  So I made the switch and hardly looked back all week.

Until I went to schedule out next week's posts.  And noticed that my last two scheduled here for today + next Friday were still in the queue.  It feels so bittersweet to be saying goodbye over here - but I hope you'll continue to follow me over at the new site!  I've built it to be what I couldn't code over here.

And even more exciting is I plan to go through these archives (all 370 posts!) + give any worthy content a good polishing + updating for future posts on the new blog.  It will be some familiar content with a whole lot of new ideas + images!  So I promise you won't be bored.  :)

And did I mention I have a whole slew of ideas bumping around in my head?  It's so hard to sleep at night because all I want to do is create!  Sometimes I even stare at the screen in paralysis because I want to do it all at once (so I end up creating instead while the ideas continue to swirl, form + develop, hehe).

So please come over to TheKnittedhome + tell me all about what you'd like to see in the new design.

I've even updated the email list!

Have you made any big transition in your life that felt all of a sudden?  I hope you'll continue this journey with me so this isn't goodbye :)

How to Support Your Favorite Small Brands

We all have those favorite brands that we can't get enough of but don't necessarily have the funds to buy everything we love in their shop.  Other than like-bombing + commenting on their blogs + other social media, how else do you show them your support?

Affiliate Links

When I find a small Brand that I want to support but maybe don't have the funds to drop in their "Tip Jar," or purchase something from their shop, I like to click through their blog's Amazon or any other referral link before I make a purchase or sign up for a service.  This way I can directly support a Brand I love without costing me anything!  Why wouldn't  I want to do this every time??

Small Biz Owners: Make it easy for your fans to support you by integrating these links into your posts, side bar, pages + anywhere else you might mention something that you have an affiliate link for.  Just be sure to disclose your affiliation somewhere on the same page.

Social Media Shares

By sharing your Favorite Brand's links with your followers + friends, you are increases their reach a thousand-fold!

Even if you are only sharing one product that you love, this could be the gateway that introduces your friends to your Favorite Brand.  Not only does this support the Brand, but you + your friend now have something new to gush over!

Small Biz Owners: Make it easy for your fans to share!  Include share buttons at the bottom of your blog posts + in your shop listings.  Also update your social media accounts when you update your shop with new items or a new blog post.  I use IFTTT recipes to do all this in the background.

Word of Mouth

It might surprise you just how much weight your opinion carries with your family + friends.  Don't believe me?  What was the last thing you purchased against the advice of a family member or friend?  You probably didn't.

In fact, if you were truly overwhelmed with options, you probably went with what your family member or friend suggested because it worked for them (or it didn't so you ruled that one out).  Or am I the only one paralyzed by choices these days + opt for the easiest decision already made for me?  ;)

Don't dismiss online "word of mouth."  Write a blog post about your favorite Brand + why you like them.  Include some of their images (with permission of course) to make your post really pop.  If you like it, your readers are sure to enjoy discovering your favorite Brand, too!

Small Biz Owners: Make it easy for your customers to spread the word.  Include a couple business cards with each purchase so they can share them with a friend(s).  Obviously give them a great shopping + customer experience so they can't help but rave about you.  And I've seen a couple articles suggesting a freebie with your sales for gift givers to keep for themselves (since they will be gifting your item to their friend + won't have a reminder of your brand that stays with them).

How do you show your love + support of your favorite brands?  What did I miss that you would love your fans to know?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sneak Peak of the Rebrand....!

I'm head over heels in love with the new design for Knittedhome I don't think I'll be able to wait til October to launch it.  In fact, my free trial expired on July 18 so I decided to do a "soft launch" first.

And since you are my awesome friends who have been with me on this blog since Knittedhome's inception (Etsy says 2010), I just couldn't imagine not informing you that is LIVE!

is LIVE!

I'm so excited to hear your thoughts + opinions on the new look.  You can pop back over here + leave it all in the comment sections of this blog post or email me from the new site.  Thank you for all your support!  

I promise to get back to regular blog posting soon.  I've already started a long list of ideas for my first Winter Collection + I have an email club I'm building to be released this August or September.  I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Don't forget to check out the new site; I promise you won't be disappointed!  What did you love + hate about?  What am I missing for you?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Busy Bee Behind the Scenes

I wish I could share more with you in today's blog post, but there is so much still incomplete that I can only share words + links today.

Today I worked on

  • finishing tweaks to my new website on Squarespace - I'm so excited to be launching it on Friday!!  note: the link is currently directed to my Etsy shop until the new site is live.
  • a reference page for my first email series (coming soon!) called the Weekly Stitch
  • an email Editorial Calendar for all those subscribed to Knittedhome's email list.  I promised I would improve it from a simple RSS summary and I'm so excited for what is developing on the editorial calendar!  For shop news, it will become a monthly update with exclusive tips + (of course) a little discount for being an email subscriber.

Other updates

  • The new website will have a special landing page just for Instagram followers + so far it is my favorite page!  (Is that weird?)
  • I've been busy re-organizing my MailChimp account to better deliver content that subscribers want to see.  I even built a brief survey to get their input!  I'd love to hear your thoughts, too!

Tomorrow is the Art Walk!

I haven't even begun to pack yet!  Yikes!  But I hope all my local friends will try to visit - it always makes my day to see familiar faces.  :)  Look for the Review post next week!

And…. I built this image during today's morning nap.  

Weekly Stitches |

Can I gush a little + say how excited I am for this email series?  Even though it isn't finished yet, if you sign up you'll be the first one to receive it when it goes live!

Yes, I've been hyped on coffee for the last couple of weeks to get it all done, hehe.  I look forward to your comments! =)

What are you anticipating today?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bridal Shower Weekend - Pinterest Worthy!

It was a busy week leading up to a productive weekend!  My sister's shower was Saturday + hubby worked on framing the porch deck.  

My mother + I set up the night before at her house: centerpieces, favors, printables + games, tables, chairs, food (including chocolate dipped oreos), etc.  She had the idea of the ostrich feathers, mason jars, + spilling pearls-- and boy was it beautiful!!  

I admit this is the first time I've been sad to see centerpieces get taken down.

The sunporch looked absolutely grand!  It was the perfect setting for our 1920s themed Bridal Shower!

I'm always nervous hosting a party but this was the first time we had everything ready to go before our designated start time (yeah, my family is chronically late).  I was so impressed + proud of our efforts!  Perhaps that is what sparked my confidence to conquer so much this weekend...

Sunday I watched a Mailchimp webinar with Mariah and de-cluttered our kitchen countertop + dining room closet (which had become the catchall closet).  

And already this morning EJ + I have hit the bank, Jo Ann's, Saver's (to drop off donations), and Meijer for groceries and more yarn!


I'm hoping this energy continues through the week - because it is shaping up to be just as busy!  Tonight I teach my first Crochet Shell Cowl class at Michael's, Thursday is the July Art Walk, and Friday I teach my second double-point knitting class (we are making newborn mittens!).

Oh!  And naptimes are devoted to rebranding progress.  It's starting to take shape + I can't wait to share it!!  Coming this Fall.... :-D

What does your week look like?  Do you feel like you've hit the ground running or is it a slower, more relaxing pace for you?  Have a great week!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Marketing that Actually Works

We all want to know the Super Secret Formula to Marketing.  Well guess what!?

Online Marketing that actually WORKS  |

... I wish I knew it, too!  

Even though there are plenty of blog posts dedicated to this formula + that formula, what I have learned after reading countless articles + listening to dozens of youtube videos is that every Brand will find their own strategy that works for them.  

Why?  Because we're all different with our own strengths, weaknesses + preferences.  

Some of us are blessed with amazing prose; others can snap a dozen incredible magazine-worthy photos in 2 minutes while the rest of us are struggling to figure out where the Take Picture button is.  And some of the masters are blessed with sell-out products as soon as they list them for sale!

While I may drool over these talents, that's not to say the rest of us can't learn from their natural instincts.  Because I believe it is all about testing each formula that you come across + infusing it with your own inherent talents to find your perfect Marketing Strategy.

To get your juices flowing, here is what I've found has worked for my little corner of the internet.

MailChimp newsletters

For every lady (sorry guys; I've only had 1 husband sign up with his wife in the last 2 years that I've been teaching) that has taken a class with me, joined us for Yarn Night or has even talked to me about taking a class, I have offered her the opportunity to sign up for my Knit + Crochet Student email list.

When I sit down to write these email updates (class schedules, class tuition sales + class reminders), I specifically write to them.  

As for Knittedhome's newsletter, I know it needs more tweaking ;-)  I'd love to hear from you, my readers, what you'd like to see in your inbox + how often.

The Golden Rule when it comes to email marketing: Don't clutter up your VIP's inbox  (yes, they are your VIPs because they have given you special permission to email them!).  Hold it sacred + only send worthwhile content that you're super excited to share.

Word of Mouth

Yes, good old fashion word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to market your business.  How do you get people to talk about you?  Give them something that will impress them so much, they just have to share it with all their friends or they'll just BURST !

Here are some examples that have prompted me to shout praises of my own when I have discovered a Brand that I truly connected with:

  • Exceptional Quality in your product or service
  • A long-frustrating problem has finally been solved by your product.  Must. Tell. All. Friends!
  • Above-and-Beyond customer service
  • A mission or effort that I feel compelled to support - not necessarily feeding the hungry in Africa, but maybe a percentage of sales goes to support Mom's House or another organization that resonates with me.

Interactions on Social Media

If you're going to have a presence on any social media platform, the best thing you can do is engage not only with your audience, but also with your mentors + entities that you look up to.  This will make them take notice of you + help create your own brand recognition with the Big Players.

My personal Icons whom I'd love to work with?  Etsy, EtsyWholesale, West Elm, IKEA USA.
Mentors: KylaRoma, byRegina, Elle & Company

So far I can say I have jumped up + down when
The point of all this narcissism?  People like to feel loved!  Audience members want to feel a personal connection with you!  How do you do that?  By finding something to personally connect with them about!  It may sound hard at first, but really, you both eat food, drink coffee/tea/lemonade/ice water, love your significant other/pet/home, hate your job/traffic jams, and sleep.  There's got to be something you can connect over, right?  And the beauty is it only takes a few seconds but can really build up your audience.

I have been blown away by how quickly my Twitter + Instagram audience has grown just by me being curious enough to explore hashtags I'm already using in my own posts.  I liberally share the love (heart-ing or favorite-ing  --> many of my friends call this "like-bombing") and it can quickly build a following.

I'm not saying just start liking everything you see to explicitly build your numbers; but if you are truly drawn to something you see or read, don't be shy to let the author know.  We are all sharing to be validated on some level, right?

What marketing strategies have you found actually work for you?  Feel free to share links/ referral links in the comment sections.  I love that we can all help each other out. =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

All New Product Photos!

A few weekends I contacted our favorite photographer about possibly borrowing her amazing talent to reshoot all my products in order to give my shop a more cohesive + beautiful store front.  I knew it was a long shot with her wedding season beginning but to my utter joy she said YES!!

Fast forward to mid June and we finally found a couple hours to meet up.  I'm super excited for the shots we got in the limited time we had.  Once I get the images back, I'll be sharing some sneak peaks with you leading up to the launch of the new look (I'm currently thinking October...).

In the mean time, enjoy these fun shots she took of me creating.

What do you think needs to be illustrated more?  Have any ideas how to better stage product photos?  What are you currently anticipating?  Any long-term plans you are chipping away at?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Home Addition: Siding + HVAC!

The siding is going up!  And it is exhilarating to see what the finished outside is going to look like!!  It is so hard to be patient after so long, but I keep reminding myself that so much can happen in a year (look at EJ!) that what is a few more weeks, if it means doing it right to enjoy it for (hopefully) many years to come.

The HVAC is in!  Not as exciting in pictures as the siding, but it is a major checkmark on our construction list.  It is 1 of 3 mechanicals that needs completed before we can get our inspection to start drywalling.  The electrical + plumbing are over half done(!)  And with the long holiday weekend, my in-laws came into town to help hubby work on the house(!)  Are they amazing or what?  =)  I'm sure getting to see + spend time with EJ had a major influence as well... ;)

Fireworks were enjoyed by the whole town (much to my frustration trying to get EJ to sleep with our paper-thin walls) + we enjoyed the company of our friends around bonfires each night of our 4-day weekend(!).

How did you celebrate America's birthday?

Friday, July 3, 2015

July's ePattern:

This month I thought it'd be fun to do a "warm weather" project that won't roast you while you work on it.  Unlike when I made an afghan in Bristol, Rhode Island while celebrating July 4th a few summers ago...

Trying to come up with a good warm weather project has definitely stumped me, though.  So I've been mulling over these questions...

"What items could be useful this season?"

"What do I enjoy making in the summer?"

"What fibers are enjoyable to work with when it's hot?"

And these led me to... coasters... hot mitts... washcloths, soap savers, headbands... seat cushions and pillow covers.

So which one would you choose?

Crochet Coasters |

This month I chose to release the pattern for my simple double crochet round coasters.  This was my second coaster pattern after first making them in single crochet.  Even though I loved the sturdiness of the single-crochet ones, I love the softer texture + look of this design.  Not to mention they whip up so much quicker!

They are easily customizable in cotton (my first choice), acrylic, or any fiber that will hold it's shape.

What do you enjoy crafting when it's hot outside?  What pattern would you like to see next?  PS - Happy 4th of July!  Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 2015 Art Walk

Another exciting, highly-anticipated Art Walk was last (last) week!  

This time two one of my new friends from the Naturally Crafty Trunk Show joined us: Little Bare Furniture.  (Genesis Essentials was hoping to join us but couldn't make it this month.)

A photo posted by Little Bare Furniture (@littlebarefurniture) on

With only so much space at our usual spot, Niki got creative with our table layout and I have to say she always impresses me with her ingenuity.  

I'm so glad she puts up with me + my love to connect with new friends :)  I have a habit of inviting more guests than there is space at parties simply because I hate leaving good friends out of the fun.  Can anyone else relate?

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and we were rained out (thunder + lightening!) by 7:45pm (the Walk is advertised from 5:30-9pm but most vendors don't pack up til 9:30pm because of last minute sales).  I'm happy to report I made at least one sale and Niki + Ellen each made a couple sales so at least it was worth our effort to come out.  :)

After such a busy + whirlwind Thursday evening, the next day was just as dizzying!  We had our first (highly anticipated) morning of canning jam among my mama friends + a playdate for the little ones. Poor EJ was so exhausted from missing her morning naps three days in a row (we picked the cherries Wednesday morning), but she sure had a blast with all her little buddies!

Canning count: I forgot to take an exact can count (whoops!) but we had 2.5 cases (~30 half pints) of cherry jam + 3+ cases (36 half pints + 6 pints) of strawberry jam.  Niki + O couldn't join us so it was split between Jessica + I + a few cans to my mom for helping to watch EJ + BC (Jessica's little one).

After such a haul - and having a constant batch going on the stove like clockwork! -  we made enough cherry + strawberry jam for the year!  So now I have to start thinking about peach + raspberry....  I'm excited for the Homemade Christmas gifts this year! 
(Sorry, we were so busy that I didn't have time to take pictures to illustrate the amazing "party" that was our canning frenzy!)

What has you pumped for the future?