Wednesday, July 8, 2015

All New Product Photos!

A few weekends I contacted our favorite photographer about possibly borrowing her amazing talent to reshoot all my products in order to give my shop a more cohesive + beautiful store front.  I knew it was a long shot with her wedding season beginning but to my utter joy she said YES!!

Fast forward to mid June and we finally found a couple hours to meet up.  I'm super excited for the shots we got in the limited time we had.  Once I get the images back, I'll be sharing some sneak peaks with you leading up to the launch of the new look (I'm currently thinking October...).

In the mean time, enjoy these fun shots she took of me creating.

What do you think needs to be illustrated more?  Have any ideas how to better stage product photos?  What are you currently anticipating?  Any long-term plans you are chipping away at?

1 comment:

  1. hi! I love these
    pictures! It's so fun to see, not only the finished product, but the making of
    it! So fun! When our niece was this age she always loved to sit on our laps
    while we knitted or crocheted. She'd play with the yarn and a crochet hook and
    say, "I'm Po-chetin'!" hehe! -Marguerite