Monday, July 13, 2015

Bridal Shower Weekend - Pinterest Worthy!

It was a busy week leading up to a productive weekend!  My sister's shower was Saturday + hubby worked on framing the porch deck.  

My mother + I set up the night before at her house: centerpieces, favors, printables + games, tables, chairs, food (including chocolate dipped oreos), etc.  She had the idea of the ostrich feathers, mason jars, + spilling pearls-- and boy was it beautiful!!  

I admit this is the first time I've been sad to see centerpieces get taken down.

The sunporch looked absolutely grand!  It was the perfect setting for our 1920s themed Bridal Shower!

I'm always nervous hosting a party but this was the first time we had everything ready to go before our designated start time (yeah, my family is chronically late).  I was so impressed + proud of our efforts!  Perhaps that is what sparked my confidence to conquer so much this weekend...

Sunday I watched a Mailchimp webinar with Mariah and de-cluttered our kitchen countertop + dining room closet (which had become the catchall closet).  

And already this morning EJ + I have hit the bank, Jo Ann's, Saver's (to drop off donations), and Meijer for groceries and more yarn!


I'm hoping this energy continues through the week - because it is shaping up to be just as busy!  Tonight I teach my first Crochet Shell Cowl class at Michael's, Thursday is the July Art Walk, and Friday I teach my second double-point knitting class (we are making newborn mittens!).

Oh!  And naptimes are devoted to rebranding progress.  It's starting to take shape + I can't wait to share it!!  Coming this Fall.... :-D

What does your week look like?  Do you feel like you've hit the ground running or is it a slower, more relaxing pace for you?  Have a great week!

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