Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Moving Day!

It feels so rushed to all of a sudden be blogging over at when I had hardly announced here that I was going to be moving in the first place.  But the moment felt right with my Squarespace trial expiring + the interview publishing last Saturday.  So I made the switch and hardly looked back all week.

Until I went to schedule out next week's posts.  And noticed that my last two scheduled here for today + next Friday were still in the queue.  It feels so bittersweet to be saying goodbye over here - but I hope you'll continue to follow me over at the new site!  I've built it to be what I couldn't code over here.

And even more exciting is I plan to go through these archives (all 370 posts!) + give any worthy content a good polishing + updating for future posts on the new blog.  It will be some familiar content with a whole lot of new ideas + images!  So I promise you won't be bored.  :)

And did I mention I have a whole slew of ideas bumping around in my head?  It's so hard to sleep at night because all I want to do is create!  Sometimes I even stare at the screen in paralysis because I want to do it all at once (so I end up creating instead while the ideas continue to swirl, form + develop, hehe).

So please come over to TheKnittedhome + tell me all about what you'd like to see in the new design.

I've even updated the email list!

Have you made any big transition in your life that felt all of a sudden?  I hope you'll continue this journey with me so this isn't goodbye :)

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