Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 2015 Art Walk

Another exciting, highly-anticipated Art Walk was last (last) week!  

This time two one of my new friends from the Naturally Crafty Trunk Show joined us: Little Bare Furniture.  (Genesis Essentials was hoping to join us but couldn't make it this month.)

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With only so much space at our usual spot, Niki got creative with our table layout and I have to say she always impresses me with her ingenuity.  

I'm so glad she puts up with me + my love to connect with new friends :)  I have a habit of inviting more guests than there is space at parties simply because I hate leaving good friends out of the fun.  Can anyone else relate?

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and we were rained out (thunder + lightening!) by 7:45pm (the Walk is advertised from 5:30-9pm but most vendors don't pack up til 9:30pm because of last minute sales).  I'm happy to report I made at least one sale and Niki + Ellen each made a couple sales so at least it was worth our effort to come out.  :)

After such a busy + whirlwind Thursday evening, the next day was just as dizzying!  We had our first (highly anticipated) morning of canning jam among my mama friends + a playdate for the little ones. Poor EJ was so exhausted from missing her morning naps three days in a row (we picked the cherries Wednesday morning), but she sure had a blast with all her little buddies!

Canning count: I forgot to take an exact can count (whoops!) but we had 2.5 cases (~30 half pints) of cherry jam + 3+ cases (36 half pints + 6 pints) of strawberry jam.  Niki + O couldn't join us so it was split between Jessica + I + a few cans to my mom for helping to watch EJ + BC (Jessica's little one).

After such a haul - and having a constant batch going on the stove like clockwork! -  we made enough cherry + strawberry jam for the year!  So now I have to start thinking about peach + raspberry....  I'm excited for the Homemade Christmas gifts this year! 
(Sorry, we were so busy that I didn't have time to take pictures to illustrate the amazing "party" that was our canning frenzy!)

What has you pumped for the future? 


  1. Glad you got a sale before the rain came. Wow, so much jam!

  2. haha, Thanks Meghan! I'm so glad you guys could make it out again this time. Too bad the weather couldn't hold out for the evening. Yes, I was impressed + blown away when we packed it all up!