Resources + Goals

To save on searching this blog + it's archives, I thought I'd round up my posts on how I run my shop/blog/social media onto one page.  Please comment freely, I love hearing feedback :)

Why I Love Affiliate Programs

How to Get Started on Etsy

How to Start Making a Crafty Income (coming soon)

Why You Should Take Your Small Business Seriously

How to Look Professional with FREE Resources

Tools I Use for Blogging

Tools I Use for Selling on Etsy

Pricing for Profit

Goals Over the Years

2014 Goals

2013 Goals


Teaching at Michael's craft store




  1. Those are great posts! Glad to hear the Square issue resolved itself. I'm always curious how people like it/use it.

    And your 2014 goals look alot like my 'in my head' to do list that I'm always putting off, but the design studio version.

  2. Thanks for the links! These will be super helpful for anyone starting up a crafty business.